Anwers to Frequently Asked Questions


What is your Account Minimum?

We have minimums because it is important to us that we have time sufficient to service each of our clients. It is up to each advisor to determine their account minimum. Sometimes an advisor may be willing to lower their minimum based on expected future savings. General Minimum of $500,000

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending on the size of the account and the time determined to deliver the services expected. Occasionally we have clients that elect to reduce certain services to reduce fees. This is all negotiable with your advisor. Our advisory fee will never be higher than 1.5% and depending on the assets managed could be below .5% 

How often will we meet?

Depending on what is involved there may be a couple of meetings at the beginning of the relationship. Thereafter, we like to meet quarterly, at alternating quarters these meetings may be over the phone if meeting in person is not convenient for both parties. We like to assess progress in meeting goals and changes to your financial situation that may require changes to these goals.  We also have phone and email communication in between quarters to check in. More importantly if something arises call or email, you don't need to wait for your next meeting if something is on your mind today. 

What returns can I expect?

Rates of return are as individual as our clients themselves. For a better idea of what investment strategy might be appropriate for you, please request our investment questionnaire if you are in a state where we currently offer service. (See Below). 

Where do you offer your services?

Our offices are located in Eagle, and Boise, Idaho. Since our inception we have had more clients in other states  and with ever improving technology we can interface easily with clients in other areas and still offer occasional face to face meetings. We are continuing to expand our reach. 

Check with us to see if we have plans to offer services in your area, and we will reach out to you when we are licensed in your state.