Our Services

Financial Planning


Peace of mind comes from knowing you are on track to meet your goals. Whether it is retirement, college education, or any other financial goal, we can help make sure you are on track or prescribe changes to get you on course.  We don't charge extra for planning.  Its part of the process at Gryphon.

Investment Management


Our clients' finances and needs are unique, and so are their portfolios. We harness technology that allows us to create customized portfolios out of the broad array of investments available. You should not need to pick between option 1-5.  You are unique.

Retirement Income Solution


Most people do not enjoy the work pensions that so many did in generations past. At Gryphon, we work to create an optimized and risk appropriate income from the assets that you have accumulated to create monthly retirement cashflow. 

Estate Planning and Philanthropy


We can support and work within the framework of your existing estate plan, or assist in developing or updating your plan. We can help with inter-genenerational education. We can also help support your philanthropic endeavors. It's your money, and we can help you carry out or establish your long-term plan. 

Business Consultation


Many of our clients are business owners with unique needs. Our depth of experience can be a helpful voice when making large business decisions. Whether deciding what type of Retirement Plan would be best, or whether or not to consider an ESOP or perhaps other Buy/Sell arrangement we have insight from decades of experience. 

FAQs we get...


Click below to get answers to common questions. If you don't see your question answered contact us from the home page and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. 

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